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The Conference is being held at the Mount Scopus Campus of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. Please do not confuse this with our natural sciences campus at Giv'at Ram.

Arrival to Jerusalem via Ben Gurion Airport.

Israel's main entry point for international travelers is the Ben Gurion International Airport. It is situated next to the highway that links Tel Aviv and Jerusalem (highway no. 1). Travel from the airport to the center of Jerusalem generally takes 40-140 minutes, and depending upon traffic conditions.

Travel from the airport to Jerusalem is fairly easy:

Buses to Jerusalem there is a direct bus line from Ben Gurion Airport to Jerusalem Central Bus Station that operated by the Afikim Bus Co-operative. Buses leave the airport every Hour, 24 hours a day; tickets can be bought on the bus (approx. 4€ or 5$, Max takes 1 hour). The bus stop is outside the airport arrivals building, opposite parking lot number one.

Taxi A taxi to the bus station in Jerusalem sadly has a fixed price of about 320 Shekels (approx. 90€ or 95$, generally takes 40 minutes).

Shuttle The Shuttle Taxis (called Sheruts in Hebrew: Nesher Tours) cost much less, usually about 65 Shekels (approx. 15€ or 17$), and are relatively convenient. After waiting to fill up (which might take a while), the driver will drop everyone off at their exact address (generally takes 140 minutes, but with the waiting might take a little more).

Rail connection from the airport is available to all other parts of the country EXCEPT Jerusalem from the Ben Gurion Airport Railway Station, conveniently located in the lower level of the international terminal. From this station, passengers may head north-west to Tel Aviv, Haifa and other destinations in the north, or south-east to Modi'in. The journey to Tel Aviv Savidor Central Railway Station takes about 18 minutes and costs 5 NIS (approx. 2€ or 3$). The service does not operate on Shabbat and Jewish holidays. The line to Haifa through Tel-Aviv runs 24 hours a day. From there you can take bus No. 480 to Jerusalem's Central Bus Station. The cost is roughly 20 Shekel (approx. 6€ or 7$, generally takes 60-90 minutes).

Orientation within the Mount Scopus Campus

Travel Information [Hebrew & English]

Departure via Ben Gurion Airport.

It is advisable to allow for at least an additional 2.5 hours in addition to your pre-flight check-in time to ensure timely arrival and sufficient time to complete security procedures.

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